Centre Max Weber - UMR 5283

Dispositions, pouvoirs, cultures, socialisations

The impact of restrictive migration policies on « informality » and « irregularity » in the care labour sector. A multiple-case study on France and Germany.

Emilia Roig

Thèse de doctorat

This research ultimately aims to uncover whether – and if yes, how – immigration policies impact on irregular employment in the informal care labour sector. Do migration policies influence the structural determinants (racism, sexism, global capitalist labour supply system) that contribute to the exclusion of care work from the legal protection framework and the formal labour market ? In order to provide insights on the causal relationship between migration policies and the informal labour market, I focus on one particular aspect, namely on the effects that migration policies have on the irregular recruitment of care workers in the informal sector. My analysis emphasizes the interaction between migration policies and the structural factors that contribute to the devaluation of care work through its predication as feminised, racialised and reproductive labour. 

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