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The Centre Max Weber is a research laboratory that gathers sociologists from the Lyon/Saint-Étienne site. It is linked to four institutions :

They form what we call a Mixed Research Unit because the laboratory depends upon the CNRS and higher education and research institutions.

On January 1st 2019, the Centre Max Weber gathered 208 members and 74 associate-researchers, who are working in collaboration with the lab. Among these members, there are 112 PhD students, researchers, university lecturers and a staff providing assistance to the research work.

We chose the name of Max Weber, one of the founders of the social sciences, who still radiates on the contemporary sociologies thanks to his sociology and epistemologist work. This is why the members of the laboratory show their attachment toward a diversity of theories, methodologies and epistemologies.

The diversity, size and history of the laboratory allow it to study a broad field of thematics researches : socialisation, gender, education, work and labour, kinship, culture, visual sociologies are some examples. These themes/topics are studied by six research teams and in an interdisciplinary way.

The sociology research is organized in a diversity of ways : thesis, research contracts, communication through congresses, workshops, seminars, colloquia, publications thanks to books, articles and websites, research education (master’s and PhD’s degrees). The CMW is developing its activities with academic partnerships but with many social and economic agents as well, allowing participative and collaborative research to take place.

The CMW is involved in different research networks. It is also associated with the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Lyon Saint-Étienne.

We are located on four different sites :

  • Lyon Berthelot
  • Bron Porte des Alpes
  • Lyon ENS
  • Saint-Étienne

Direction : Christine Détrez