European Sociological Association : Appels à communications pour la 14e Conférence de l’ESA (date limite : 01/02/2019)

La European Sociological Association (ESA) a publié les différents appels à communications de ses Réseaux thématiques, en vue de la tenue de sa 14e Conférence, qui se déroulera du 20 au 23 août 2019 à Manchester (Royaume-Uni).

Intitulé : « Europe and beyond : boundaries, barriers and belonging »

Argumentaire général (en anglais) : in encouraging presenters and other conference participants to think Beyond Europe we wish to consider contemporary developments, processes, practices and subjectivities not only through the lens of Europe and European sociology, but also as central to the development of sociology, or sociologies, for the present and the future. We cannot and should not ignore the factors which are re-shaping Europe from within, such as the effects of globalization, nationalism, populism and migration and, of course, ‘Brexit’. However, it is also crucial that we continue to look towards the possibilities of a global sociology which also takes account of the local without being parochial.

The 14th ESA Conference will offer opportunities to engage not only with the content of sociological research and theorizing, but also with the ways in which our discipline has been and is being shaped, both in and beyond Europe. Where are the boundaries of the discipline ? How can we address barriers to its development both inside and outside of academia ? What does it mean to belong to the community of sociologists ?

Date limite de soumission des résumés de communications : 1er février 2019.

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Publié le 9 novembre 2018