European Sociological Association : Appels à communications pour la 15e Conférence de l’ESA (date limite : 15/02/2021)

La European Sociological Association (ESA) a publié les différents appels à communications de ses Réseaux thématiques, en vue de la tenue de sa 15e Conférence, qui se déroulera du 31 août au 3 septembre 2021 à Barcelone (Espagne) (l’événement pourra se dérouler entièrement en ligne si la situation sanitaire l’exige).

Intitulé : « Sociological knowledges for alternative futures »

Argumentaire général (en anglais) : in a context of pandemic due to the new Coronavirus, discussion about alternative futures is especially relevant. Across Europe wewitness an array of actions, that range from utilitarian to humanistic approaches, which have made many people rethink solidarity, democracy and the search for more egalitarian, just and better environments which can sustain satisfactory and flourishing lives.
Fighting social inequalities and protecting natural environments are seen not as contradictory butmutually reinforcing. Citizens want to decide which paths to taketo achieve such goals, and sociological knowledges provide key analyses about which actions might contribute to practical accomplishments and which will not.
In pandemic times of global crisis, closing borders, restricted mobilities, and growing unemployment,sociological knowledge can help to develop institutions able to cope with different risks and practical issues. We believe that the sociological imagination has a big role to play in rethinking alternatives for the future, starting from solid scientificknowledge and working outwards from it.

How can we build sociological knowledges toface so many challenges ? This is a pertinent question at a time of “fake news” and “post-truth”, when scientific expertise is frequently brought into question. The distinction between knowledge and opinion becomes blurred. Therefore now is the time to discusshow sociology offers better understandings and relevant knowledges to improve society. Populist andauthoritarian politics gain even more power and attention, undermining democracy in multiple parts of the globe.
The complex relations between centresand peripheries, understood in a global perspective, must be explored, and the social implications of the use of technological tools in a digital era must be identified andapplied, so as to imagine and create other futures.

Date limite de soumission des résumés de communications : 15 février 2021.

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Publié le 12 janvier 2021