The Process Selection of “Un Chez-Soi d’Abord” Program : A Qualitative Study on the Implementation of Housing First in France

Lola Vives

Article de Lola Vives in European Journal of Homelessness, vol. 13, n°1, 2019.

This research note focuses on the client selection process of the “Un chez-soi d’abord” programme, an implementation of Housing First services in France first carried out in 2011. At the end of 2016, a randomized control trial demonstrated the efficiency of this programme. It has been maintained and expanded to new localities in France. This new step from public authorities involves practical changes in the recruitment and selection process. It now consists of an “inclusion committee” that assesses whether an individual is entitled to integrate in to the programme or not.
Based on ethnographic study, conducted as “participant observer”, this research note pays particular attention to the issues and concerns that arose from stakeholders during committee meetings.

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